healing tree retreat

In our healing tree retreat week we embark on a journey to the mystical powers of the "wise green giants" in our park.


Every day we listen to a guided sound mediation, where we get in touch with the tree energy in the first steps. Our “wise green giants” are gentle, powerful beings who open their arms and embrace our souls.


Step by step we come from recognizing our problem, our anger, our grief to letting go.


And from the process of recognizing and letting go of our "consolation tree" into inner peace.


By opening our hearts to the "wise giants", we are also opening our chakra energy to the universal stream of nature's wisdom.


Peace and serenity appear and we feel the being "nature" as a source of joy and strength.


A place for new ideas and wishes in your life becomes free again.


Our "wish tree" is now waiting for you, where we hand over our wishes for storage to the wish tree in a ritual.


Our wise green giants look forward to seeing you!


healing tree retreat, time-out-art-camp, kenia
our mystical healing tree
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tropical colours
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