art feeds soul workshop

In the "art feeds soul" workshops you can experience that you can use art and creativity as an inner force and motor for your zest for life;


Creativity & art, expressed in various forms, has been a way of finding and strengthening your personal self since time immemorial.


Creativity enables us to bring this I from the unconscious to the surface and to be amazed at what comes out.


We can allow ourselves to discover ourselves - to communicate with ourselves and to find ways to experience joy with ourselves step by step.


We are emotion - our heart is the strongest transmitter and receiver of life energy and our heart feeds on recognition, appreciation, love, communication and creativity.


This is the nourishment of the heart and we start with ourselves - to nourish ourselves with what we strive for so much.


This includes "feeling joy again" and creativity & art gives us the opportunity to do so.


Creativity gives us the opportunity to stop at ourselves.


In my "art feeds soul" workshops you will experience how much fun it is to allow your mind to rest.


It's not about artistic ability, it's about a process where you are good to yourself. With this doing there is a presence, a concentration in the NOW. And it creates a force that continues to work and that you can access at any time.

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Alexandra Atz-Benesch, Acryl auf Leinwand