african colors

Painting workshop
"African Colors" - expressive painting
Africa is the continent of colors. From strong reddish brown, to soft yellow, to bright blue ... Whether landscape or mood impression, whether human, animal or plant. Everything is deeply saturated with bright colors and shades.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional - the charm of the tropical “stage design” is so overwhelming that you want to use paint and brushes immediately - and you can do that with us.

Let yourself be carried away by the desire to play with the colors, let go of everything you want to get rid of. Give your canvas your emotion - from aggressive red to healing green.

How we proceed:

Alexandra Benesch accompanies you from preparing the canvas for an introduction to the various painting utensils.

It encourages you to use the screen as a projection surface and to feel the power that arises when you leave the mind aside and only the emotion comes into play.

Painting as "an act of coming to yourself" is clarifying and strengthening and leaves behind inexplicable cheerfulness and lightness - something we often yearn for but do not know how we can get into this state.


workshops planning in progress

Resource list:

The list of materials to take with you will be sent when booking.

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