the way to get in the power of happyness...

Everybody has an "inner fire" in the heart. Its our gift, everybody has it. But sometimes we loose this "inner fire", because of stress, old conditions from our childhood, repetitions of negative thoughts etc. But there is always the possibility, every day to start new in your life and discover that we are more, than we belive. That there is a smile in our hearts, waiting to wake up to new life.

There are different options to get our natural happyness back.

- LIKE and LOVE people, animals, the nature

- respect others

- feel compassion to all what is



If you start discovering yourself, if you start loving yourself, if you start having compassion with yourself you will discover that in all beeings there is the same "inner fire". The same happyness, the same fears, the same lonliness, the same feeling "I am not enough".

discover ourself, what is serving you - there is much more as you suspect!


On your journey you start feeling, that life is a gift of happyness. You recognize that your "life-drama" is just a story of your mind. But you are more - you are always guided by LOVE, you can start feeling it, by slowly discard each "onion layer of your mind", than a miracle happens: you discover deep trust, that you are a part of the energy "of all what is", of the love of the universe. So you become a creator of your new lifestory - just guided. You are on the world, but not in the word.You are happyness!

THE WORK-TOOLS to get your natural happyness back:

- Meditation

- Discovering our body feelings

- Nonverbal discovering of our inside feeling with beeing creativ and releasing them with paint...

- Sound healing

- laughing

- dancing, bodyshaking

- discovering the magical healing of nature

- Yoga, Qi Gong and much more...