Alexandra Benesch
Alexandra Benesch

I am a spiritual nomad, an artist and sound healer.My kenyan friends gave me the name MAKENA, it means - the one, who brings the happyness..


Original I come from Austria, but my heart is burning for the african continent, here I feel home.

2012 I discovered a part of this continent and I decided to live in africa and stay.. Now I am in Kenya where I can enjoy a different of variaty of colors, nature, climate, people..


Since many years I study spiritual quantum pyhsics and I am fascinated about the old spiritual traditions and the connection to our new sience of quantum pyhisics.

We are energy and information - no less, no more..

Thats sounds maybe a bit strange, but this meanwhile fact opens a immense field of opportunities in our life.


Meditation, sound healing and beeing creativ are some very good tools to change our vibrations and get rid off old stuff in your mind and body. Therefore I offer my "art & healing retreats" for people who like to find her "natural happyness" again.


As a Sound Healer I work over 20 years with the special system of "the kabbala" with my tibetan singing bowls, gongs and zimbels.


The TREE OF LIFE, represents different aspects of healing energy in our universe. Old wisdom was given to me by my spiritual teachers. I am very thankfull and blessed, that I got so much knowledge, love and power, to help people.


About me-

life - joys and sorrows:

spirituality, my friends, everything around art, sound healing with gongs and Tibetan singing bowls, meditation, pure nature - from ant to elephant, trees. humor, africa, human stories, compassion, singing bowls, paisley shells, the ocean, colors, mindfulness, the laughter of my african friends, permaculture, ships, aiko and loona, the african bush and its quiet, mindfulness with everything that is ..

...since 30 years I live with art, more information:


elephant parade